Tips on how your business can survive online in 2020

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The war for customers is fiercer than ever, especially on the internet. Whether choosing our professional digital marketing services or going at it alone, a comprehensive strategy is required.

Nonetheless, mastering the basics can give your business a serious boost. Here are five to help you survive in 2020.

Leverage success with Facebook Messenger

Facebook boasts an audience of over 2.6 billion people, and the vast majority use it to connect with brands. Crucially, they expect a two-way interaction with the companies that they follow. Facebook Messenger is the perfect tool for providing responsive customer support, following up on leads (perhaps they’ve liked a post about a product), or sending special offers and loyalty benefits.

It’s non-intrusive, cost-effective, and convenient for both parties. Perfect.

Get seen with local SEO

Your company website is a complete waste if no one ever visits. Local SEO is the key to gaining organic clicks from your target market. It forms a significant part of digital marketing, gaining contacts from hot leads, including mobile users that are actively ready to convert. A strong presence on Google additionally breeds trust and reputation from prospective customers.

Even if the business serves multiple locations, mastering local SEO in each of them is paramount.

Hit the target with laser-focused Facebook & Instagram ads

Every business owner must learn to accept that they cannot target a universal audience. Striking a chord with the intended demographic is vital. Facebook and Instagram ads are the way to do it. Through the analytical tools, ad campaigns can be built to hit people of a certain age, location, gender, income level, music taste, or hobby. Moreover, campaign reporting helps you make the right tweaks.

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same parent company, encouraging integration too.


Utilize your customer email list

Once upon a time, companies could use cold email marketing to target people that had never shown an interest. In 2020, privacy regulations mean that users have to opt-in. While it makes it harder to build your mailing list, the recipients are less likely to ignore the content. Stats show that short headlines get the best open rates while video and visual content is consumed with greater interest.

While the Call-to-Action is a crucial tool, do not use sleazy sales tactics in every communication. Nurture an actual relationship with your new and existing customers. They will stick around longer!


Enhance the customer experience through branding

In lieu of face-to-face interaction, enhancing the customer experience isn’t easy. However, it’s a key aspect of any successful digital marketing strategy. Familiarity is a crucial component that you must aim to build through consistent online branding. Your accessibility and support of worthy causes are useful. Moreover, A.I. can learn behavioral trends to boost UX (User Experience).

When supported by tracking all interactions, you can give customers the service they deserve.

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