How to create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

Learn to master the process of building a social media strategy by clicking here.

So you want to create a social media marketing strategy? You’re not alone. 

Don’t have a clue where to start? Once again, you’re not alone.

Given the fiercely competitive nature of modern marketing, only a comprehensive social media strategy will suffice. Here are some of the key ingredients in the recipe for success. 


Choose the right social media platforms

More than 4.5 billion people have at least one (the average person has eight!) social media account. However, consumers and B2B clients interact differently across various platforms as a result of the demographic backgrounds. 


Age, gender, location, financial status, and lifestyle choices can all determine which social media site is best suited to an individual. As a business owner, decisions should be based largely on your audience reach and the content that will be created.


If you don’t know the differences between Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, you will be destined for failure.


Complete a thorough profile

There’s no point in joining the party if nobody notices you. Social media platforms focus initially on visual interactions. You only have a few seconds to create a lasting impression, and profile pages are your calling card.


Use the right image sizes and input all necessary data. Otherwise, the brand-consumer relationship may end before it has truly started.


Develop your brand image

Customers are increasingly focused on the User Experience (UX), and want to feel a strong connection with social media brands. Understanding how your brand should and – perhaps, more importantly – shouldn’t present itself is key.


Consistency is the key to telling and developing your brand story in an engaging manner. When the right content (tone and voice) is supported by the right timing and post frequencies, success is assured.


Invest in continued improvements

The great thing about social media marketing is that you can access an extensive range of analytical tools to gain insights into what content is working and where improvements can be made. From simple concepts like A/B testing to analyzing ROIs and cost-per-click rates, you should always strive for better.


New ideas can be tested on a small scale before making any significant changes. Moreover, diversifying your content to keep users engaged is vital, especially as new technologies become available. Automation and responding to client suggestions can make a big impact too.


Alternatively, you could take the quickest and most cost-effective path to social media marketing success by leveraging results from the expertise of an experienced agency. Get in touch to learn more today.

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