Getting customers to buy in 2020

When marketing your business or products, conversions are the only metrics that matter. Learn how to make it happen by clicking here.

When building your digital marketing strategy in 2020, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeking social media likes. However, a big following doesn’t secure success, sales do. Therefore, you must not forget that the primary objective of any social media management strategy is to encourage customers to buy. Here’s how to make it happen:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great marketing tool that allows you to contact new fans that have ‘liked’ your business page or shown an interest in its products. Use it to interact with clients on a human level to make the brand feel more accessible. You can additionally conduct a little research into the consumer and use it to build an emotional connection from the very first interaction.

Local SEO

Local SEO facilitates organic traffic to your website as well as direct leads from the contact info available on Google. The Google My Business listing for local searches is a crucial tool, especially for reaching mobile search engine users. As for the website itself, you should remember that content is king. Blog, vlogs, and informational webpages can send organic growth through the roof.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads work very similarly because the latter is owned by the former. Dynamic ads should form a central part of your social media management tasks. Dynamic ads use cookies to ensure that products are shown to users that have either visited the webpage or commented on posts about them. They can be images, carousels, and other display ad types. This form of remarketing is key.

Email Lists

In today’s climate, securing a user’s sign-up details is a big success. However, if you go all guns blazing in an attempt to gain an instant sale, it can put customers off. Building a defined email sales funnel is essential. This should use the first few emails to build a rapport. Start with building awareness before consideration and conversion. This can be followed by loyalty and advocacy.

Customer Experiences

As the drip email campaigns highlight, there is a need to provide customers with a sense of value. Show a genuine commitment to the customer with value added content, such as ‘how to’ videos, that improve their experiences of your products or maybe a blog article that explains something you receive questions about. When a lead is impressed with the brand personality, the chances of conversion will soar!

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