About Us

We were going to write a needlessly elongated history of the company. Then we thought “would our customers prefer to read a stream of self-indulgent nonsense and a detailed analysis of Founder David Hunsucker’s 20-year background in the industry, or would they rather learn why we are the right match for their digital marketing needs?”. Exactly.


The truth is that we’re a digital marketing agency that truly makes a difference. We’re different from you because we’d rather look at Facebook’s Analytical tools than check out how much weight our teenage crush has put on since rejecting your invitation to prom (screw you Jenny!) back in 1995.


And we’re different from most digital marketing agencies because our strategies aren’t focused solely on technical developments. Our campaigns are always underpinned by a strong human connection as we thrive on celebrating the human qualities that make your brand special.

Are we a young and energetic team of over 40 social media marketing experts based in beautiful Georgia? Of course.

Do we specialize in all aspects of social media management, content marketing, local search SEO & web design? Absolutely.

Can we work with large and small B2B and B2C companies from a range of industries and budget levels? You bet!

Ultimately, though, the most telling reason to entrust us with the future of your brand’s online presence is that we build campaigns and strategies that actually launch your business to success. Sure, social media likes will inflate your ego. However, generating hot leads and conversions should always be the priority. Our track record shows that we never lose sight of that.


When discussing “us”, we don’t only mean “the company”. We are fully committed to forming a strong relationship with your company so that we can represent your brand in the most effective way possible. We believe that a team that works together will succeed together.

Welcome to our team!