10 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Build your personal brand on social media like a pro with these 10 steps that get you to stand out from the crowd and gain a loyal audience.

Social media platforms allow you to reach out to your target audience. However, with a continually growing number of users, you need to build your personal brand on social media to get noticed.

#1 Become an expert

Only write about what you know best. Identifying your area of expertise helps develop engaging content that people want to read.


#2 Learn from influencers

Social media influencers build their success through strategic best practices and branding strategies. Use marketing tools to identify experts in your industry and learn from them.


#3. Update profiles & feeds accordingly

Remove anything irrelevant to your expertise or that goes against best practices. Idle social media accounts can go too!


#4. Use management apps

Use social media management solutions like us. View more about our services here.


#5. Be engaging & informative

Have content people care about. Whether you are sharing or creating, make it relevant, informative, useful, appealing, and, of course, controversy-free.


#6. Have a content schedule

The sweet schedule spot is 3-4 posts per week. Any less and people forget about your brand, more and you annoy them. Analyze social media data to find the right content schedule for you.


#7. Positivity

Creating a positive impression on social media reflects on your professional career, your influence, and your brand image. Avoid personal brand negativity!


#8. Consistency

Shape your brand’s voice to keep your presence consistent. People follow you because they like your style and tone.


#9. Boost your reach

Import your email and phone contacts into your social networks to find new connections online.


#10. Keep on learning

Join relevant groups into your industry and social media community. Groups help update your knowledge, find new opportunities for content and networking, boost your skills, and assert your expertise.


Hopefully, you’re now equipped to successfully build your personal brand on social media and bring your online presence to the next level!


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