10 Proven Ways How to Grow Your Instagram in 2020

Instagram is the best platform to connect with your audience. Here are our 10 proven ways on how to grow your Instagram in 2020. Be sure not to skip #8!

Instagram records 1 billion monthly active users, making it the best platform to connect with your audience. Here are the best ways to grow Instagram followers successfully for your brand.

#1. Socialize

It’s called SOCIAL media, so get social: Leave genuine comments and likes on relevant accounts, respond to comments and queries. Social isolation doesn’t work. 

#2. Have something to show

People follow experts who bring value. Identify your area of expertise and make it your core motive for quality content creation. 

#3. Have something to say

Instagram stories are short-lived, 24 hours, but they are impactful and engaging content using photos, videos, polls, stickers, etc. 

#4. Have a #hashtag to say it

Hashtags improve your reach, but they can also enhance brand awareness. Creating unique hashtags for your brand develops a targeted community.

#5. Boost your photo skills

Instagram is a visual platform: Quality pictures are more effective than high volume posting. Learning to boost your photographing skills will make a huge difference. 

#6. Create a display grid

Your grid is a visual branding tool that shares your vision. When posting, focus on building a positive grid impression: Consistent style and appealing imagery will win you new followers! 

#7. Be unique

Stand out from the crowd. Make your content matter by doing your thing, rather than copying the trends. Your Instagram bio reflects the uniqueness of your brand. 

#8. Geotag everything

Photos share the experience. Geotags bring the journey into perspective. Tag your photos to reach out to the relevant local communities. 

#9. Reach out to influencers

Collaborating with Instagram influencers leverages their audience; their followers could become your followers too! 

#10. Run a contest

Why wait until people discover you on Instagram? Running a contest with a free give-away can help find new followers and build exciting content. 

Building your Instagram presence takes time, but with these 10 tips to grow your Instagram followers, you can speed up the process and assert your brand online. 

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